Freelicious is more than just baking; it's a place where the magic of baking meets the joy of the holiday season.

Hi there, I'm Monika, a proud mom of three boys. Our journey at Freelicious began in 2017, and since then, we've poured our hearts into crafting the most delightful Christmas cookies and birthday cakes that are not only gluten-free but also suitable for vegans.

As life has taken us on a journey filled with family commitments, we've made a heartfelt decision to focus exclusively on the most enchanting time of the year - Christmas. This season holds a special place in our hearts, and we're determined to share the warmth and cheer with you through our delicious creations.

For the past decade, I've lived with coeliac disease, and I truly understand the challenges of not being able to indulge in your favorite treats while everyone else does. That's why, as a family, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to baking gluten-free Christmas cookies that bring joy and flavor to those with dietary restrictions.

Our cake baking may be on hold for now, but I cannot give up the magic of Christmas cookies. Let's make this holiday season a little more special, one cookie at a time.