Christmas Cookies

Sold out

The festive season is back and so is our Christmas cookie box. 

Our cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free and made without animal products.

Extra Large box - approx 2500g of cookies

Large Box - approx 1500g of cookies - SOLD OUT

Classic Box - approx. 1000g of cookies

Tasting box - approx 430g of cookies


In a cookie box you will find:

Vanilla Linz Cookies with Blackcurrant jam

Chocolate Linz Cookies with Apricot Jam

Vanilla Crescent Cookies

Hazelnut&Chocolate Cookies

Gingerbread with Plum Jam

Chocolate beehives with vanilla buttercream

Stuffed Nut cookies with walnut buttercream

Chocolate “salami”

!NEW! Bear paws

Download the ingredient list and storage instructions here

You can choose whether you want your cookies to be shipped on the week of December 14th or December 18th. While most packages will arrive within 1-2 days, please be aware that we cannot take responsibility for any delays, as they are beyond our control. If you choose the December 18th shipping date, please keep in mind the possibility of delays, especially during the Christmas season


The price of the cookie box includes cookies, costs of packaging and insurance in the case of a lost or damaged package. If your package will come damaged you must notify us immediately and provide evidence of damage (photos, videos)